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ZheJiang Mingch Electrical Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in development , production , marketing as a body electric power voltage regulator.Since origination, it has been persisting in taking the science and technology as the forerunne r, the abundant technology as a backing , and positively introducing the overseas advanced technology , unceasingly improve and consummate the products, many years specialized management, the product best-selling nation , While exports to Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Russia,Indonesia , Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, some of them are well sold to the world meanwhile receive high praise from the majority of customers.The company has been persisting in regarding “being realistic, innovation, development ” as the management idea , combining with today’s modern science and technology and economical high speed development,application of information technology and micro electron technology as well as the massive of current consumer has more and more serious requirement on the quality of the power supply, but our country AC electrical network construction and the development is not extremely balanced , under so worse electric quantity supply situation , a new series electric power voltage regulator products are researched and developed that has satisfied each kind of special current consumer, each kind of use place to the voltage regulator’s demand. The company product is widely used in situation where all need normal voltage guaranteed , such as the industry and mining enterprises ,the textile machinery, the printing packing , the petroleum chemical industry, the schoo l, the market , the elevator , the posts and telecommunications correspondence, the medical machinery and so on . Yueqing Mingchuan Electric Co., Ltd. promises “ taking the good faith as base, the long-term service ” promptly to help you exclude the difficulty and anxiety. Yueqing Mingchuan Electric Co., Ltd. sincerely expects for your joining, shares double-win joyfully.